Sustainable Agriculture

At SERKKA, we are proud of the fact that – as farmers – we are responsible for the task of producing reliable and safe food for an ever-increasing global population. We welcome this challenge and are always striving for improvements in productivity on every acre of land we farm. We also feel very strongly that We have a responsibility to achieve this in a sustainable way so that future generations have an opportunity to do the same. We continue this in all we do by practicing sustainable agriculture in all areas of our production.

SERKKA believes in building soil health throughout the cropping system by utilizing practices such as:

  • A strong emphasis on a diverse crop rotation. All of the acres we farm have a minimum 4 or 5 year primary crop rotation as well as utilizing cover crops wherever possible.
  • No-till and conservation tillage wherever possible, conserving plant residues as much as possible to help keep soil and nutrients out of the lakes and in the field where they belong.
  • Building organic matter, soil tilth, and a full range of micro nutrients, by applying manure and compost to feed and promote biological activity in our soils. We analyze our soils on an annual basis, having samples sent to accredited labs. This helps us with fertility management decisions and, if necessary, lets us know if we need apply fertilizer based on the 4R Nutrient Stewardship approach.
  • All of our cropping systems rely on healthy soils and good soil structure. Our soil management also includes an emphasis on good soil moisture control. Every acre has effective drainage capacity, utilizing a vast grid of subsurface drainage tile. We also have unlimited access to clean irrigation water due to our close proximity to Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. High-efficiency drip irrigation systems allow our crops to be supplied moisture when needed, without water loss through evaporation or runoff. Our drip irrigation systems require less pumping power than conventional overhead systems, thereby using less fuel to achieve ideal soil moisture conditions.

Food Safety Practices and Policies

SERKKA Farms strictly follows and complies with CanadaGAP food safety policies and procedures, maintaining certification through annual audits. CanadaGAP is an internationally-recognized third party food safety and certification organization.

SERKKA follows the same good fundamental agronomic practices when it comes to livestock production as well. We believe that happy turkeys are healthy turkeys, and healthy livestock is paramount to a sustainable livestock production.

Turkeys are housed in modern, state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to monitor and maintain the microclimate in the barns at all stages of growth, year round. Our turkeys have access to plenty of space, fresh air, clean water and fresh feed. Our farm managers take great pride in raising healthy turkeys, continually checking and double checking the condition of the barns as well as the health of the flock.

SERKKA is also committed to maintaining a strict bio-security program to prevent the introduction of potentially harmful pathogens onto the farm.

Our strong commitment to the highest standards of flock comfort and care have allowed us to commit to raising turkeys without the use of antibiotics. We believe antibiotics are a vital health management tool, when needed, but in order to maintain their efficacy, we only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary. If medications are used, our tracking system ensures that all necessary withdrawal periods are met, eliminating any risk of carryover into the food system.

SERKKA is proud to contribute to the safe, sustainable, local, supply management food system in Canada. Canadian families can feel confident eating turkey products, knowing that these products come from Canadian turkey farmers that are held to the highest food safety and animal welfare standards.

SERKKA’s turkey facilities comply with all Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) and Turkey Farmers of Ontario (TFO) on Farm Food Safety Programs and Flock Care Programs. Our turkey farm undergoes an annual food safety audit and animal welfare audit (on farm food safety programs).